Yeah It’s Gonna Suck: The Princess Bride…THE REMAKE

There is no possible way that this can be good.

It’s inconceivable!

Although it’s also owned by Sony Pictures so Apple willing this project will be still born.

6 thoughts on “Yeah It’s Gonna Suck: The Princess Bride…THE REMAKE

  1. it’s not that he’s entirely wrong, but that he’s so over wrought. about a fantasy.

    that was written in 1973, and filmed in the mid-80s.

    there are NO “generations” sharing this story and culturally connecting to the fore fathers from the 18 or 1700s or even earlier.

    i had a bit of the same type of exchange with Rick Beato, where Rick was ranting and raving about my supposed “cultural ignorance and apathy”.


    IF your cultural touchstones are younger than i am

    THEN i would suggest that you have no culture at all.


  2. i didn’t “miss” anything.

    The Princess Bride was written by a grabbler and is of NO PART of the Western Heritage or Christian patrimony.

    will they butcher what the Princess Bride was with a new iteration? surely. have you seen the Robocop remake? but The Princess Bride was never anything more than an amusing trifle.

    it’s quite arguable that what was done to Thor in Endgame was a more significant insult.


  3. It’s the counter strike to take a grabber insult property and Alt-Right all the memes from it: skin alive and use it as a suit for our purposes. That’s possibly a chunk of Meathead’s useless whining of the past few years. Forcing them to skinsuit their own insult in a recovery attempt keeps them off balance.

    How much did John Ringo’s appropriation of PB in the Paladin of Shadows series burn?

    Now, let Agard Featuring the Epic Thor exploit the breach.

    /s/ No One of Consequence


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