How to Write a Battle

This is a fairly decent critique of the Avenger’s Endgame final battle.

We all know it had flaws and one of the biggest ones was that we were never that worried about the heroes once the battle was underway.

The key to a decent battle scene is that it needs to be treated like a mini-story. Remember, no audience wants to read about a realistic military operation. They don’t want to be educated. They want to be entertained.

6 thoughts on “How to Write a Battle

  1. meh. he thinks Helms Deep was well done.

    yes, ‘good’ characters died at Helms Deep so i suppose there was some thematic tension, but not anyone important to the plot and certainly not anyone who didn’t die in the book. and other than that, it was just a CGI fest, just like Endgame.

    Helms Deep bored me.


    1. 17:30 I love this. I f*cking love this.
      Here the soyboy who makes that video almost comes to the realisation that a 3-4 minutes scene of Full Blown Female Empowerement creates a situation that removes all tension.
      It is basicly 3 minutes of females congradulating each other… on a war zone…with the enemy reduced to cardboard-cut-out.
      He almost has to admit that creating a caracter that one-shots capital cruisers with a blow of her nose is bad writing because why bother with anything.

      And his solution: doing exacly the same thing the Russo brothers did for the rest of the movie: they looked at that captain Marvel creature and removed her out of most of the script.
      Anybody reading this and defending that writing disaster : SHE IS TOO POWERFULL AND HAS NO FLAWS.

      And the hilarious thing is that people will try to keep selling this turd, because they can’t depower her, that would be sexist, they can’t remove her, that would be sexist, they ca’nt give her any weakness because again, sexism.
      But they can make scenes involving her breaking the handof a guy because somebody smiled at her and they have her steal his sh*t, because Female Empowerment..
      She is this because people like the guy making this video dances around anything involving pispoor written caracters that are female.
      They have created this sh*t sadwich and are now telling us they don’t like the taste of ass in their mouths.


  2. @Bob

    Helms Deep was well done.

    It was nearly a perfect mini-story.

    I don’t care that it doesn’t match the book. Film is a different medium than the written word. And Helm’s Deep is an excellent example of how to use a battle to tell a story.


    1. I enjoyed the Helms Deep battle a lot. It’s not over-reliant on CGI. Actually, there is a lot of physical interaction and miniature work.

      It’s not the CGI fest of the Hobbit battles.


    2. You can’t charge calvary down a hall way against mass infantry. Sure you kill the front ranks because they don’t have pikes but then your horse trips on the packed bodies, breaks an ankle, and you all die.


  3. Cataline SergiusSeptember 15, 2019 at 11:46 am
    I don’t care that it doesn’t match the book.


    neither do i.

    but at the time these movies were released, i considered both Fellowship and Towers to be unwatchable turds, excepting the Balrog. Return is towards the bottom end of the mediocre range.

    maybe there is an argument for me to make against your position

    but that would require me to re-view The Two Towers. and i don’t intend to ever do that.


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