Cataline Recommends: Sticks and Stones

Is Dave Chapelle one of us?

I doubt it. But who knows? The only joke he told about Trump was during a press conference promoting this special.

Reporter: What will you do if Trump is reelected?

Chapelle: Get a big tax break.

Regardless his Netflix special, Sticks and Stones is breaking the hearts of Tumblrina’s everywhere. Which was reason enough for me to watch it… After the kid’s were in bed.

Is it foul mouthed? You bet!

Is it fatal to SJWs? Unquestionably.

Is it funny? You’ll have to be the judge. I can’t go spilling the man’s jokes without spoiling them.

Now I am perfectly aware of the Owen Benjamin controversary. There are comedians out there with a rep for stealing material. Robin Williams was one, Denis Leary is another. Chappelle for his part is not famous for this practice.

I’ve seen both Owen’s and Chappelle’s bits. It’s something that’s close enough that I suspect what happened is that Chappelle asked someone, “you have any new material for me?” Which does happen and whoever it was, had seen Owen Benjamin’s Alphabet people routine and delivered a version of it to Chappelle that was not quite close enough to be called plagiarism.

Anyway, if you still have Netflix and you don’t mind a filthy mouth then Cataline Recommends with Confidence.

4 thoughts on “Cataline Recommends: Sticks and Stones

  1. I’ll check it out. Your analysis of the Carnival Row nonsense was spot on, by the way. What a frigging waste of a potentially great setting. I figured it would be at least worth a laugh… but it was just bad. Pretty, but bad.


  2. If the great conservative intellectuals that have been inflicted upon us only asked the Colored folk what they thought of White Progs we wouldn’t be here today.


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