Cancel Walmart

Funny thing about Walmart. I used to look down on it. I used to snicker at People of Walmart memes. Sure it had bargains but how safe was it to shop there? What would the neighbors think if they saw me there?

But then things changed for me. I began to think of it as the Red People’s Store.

It was the place where the true Right would gather. Where we could snicker at the condescension being rained down upon us, as we enjoyed some pretty good deals on merch. It was our place. It had succeeded greatly and pissed off the Left constantly. Once I got past my snobbery, what wasn’t to love about it? Sure the Black Friday sales were rough but these days being in the Right means you live by survival of the fittest. The DoorBusters were a filtering mechanism to weed out the weak.

Mind you there were worrying episodes now and then. Walmart generates a lot of money and that attracts SJWs like flies to shit. Once Entryism is established by one SJW that can make hiring decisions. A flood of like minded leeches follows. This resulted in Walmart’s laughable Walmart Organic Foods line. When that idiocy failed, I fooled myself into believing that the house that Sam built could hold off the encroaching tide.

Wrong answer.

Things have changed.

Fuck Walmart.

“On September 3, Breitbart News reported that Walmart CEO Doug McMillon used a memo to announce customers would no longer be allowed to open carry in Walmart stores, even if those stores are located in open-carry states.

McMillon also noted that Walmart was sending letters to the White House in hopes of securing more gun control. He observed, “Congress and the administration should act.”

Walmart is also ending the sale of ammunition for AR-15 and AK-47-style rifles, and ending handgun sales in Alaska.

I fully realize that not everyone can afford to put Walmart on their own Blacklist. But I damn well can. You expect a gun ban at the Apple Genius Bar. That is what it is, because it’s supposed to be their place. But Walmart was supposed to be our place and now it clearly and obviously isn’t.

Betrayal comes with a price.

I can damn well afford to shop elsewhere. Walmart will never see a dime of my money again.

5 thoughts on “Cancel Walmart

  1. Unless a chain store is explicitly right wing, think chick-fil-a/Hobby Lobby, the mass hiring requirments mean some SJWs will slip through. They are like cancer, unless you through them out they will take over and destroy the organism.


    1. I fear in this case it was a matter of a successful father being too successful to raise his kids right.

      Sam’s heirs are all good Lefties.

      These days they will think nothing of destroying their own wealth to raise their status.


  2. I honestly don’t care if they sell ammo or guns, but I still mock pretentious white progs and their virtue signaling. A crappy outlet staffed by drones is not my hill to die on for the 2A, nor was Dumbass Dick’s which is staffed by slimmer drones.

    I’ll even go as far as saying that where I used to live I was glad Walmart did not sell guns or ammo since it was Karachi Mart, literally my nice leafy suburban Walmart had a clientele more akin to some shithole than America, and management there shrunk the outdoors stuff section to about half an isle while expanding the sugars, starches and the magic toilet paper sections to fill the space.

    But as CS notes it is about status for white progs, and that is the critical point that deserves the main thrust.


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