Blogs and Ends: Abortive Entertainment

The biggest Harry Potter fan under my roof, had not been able to see Fantastic Beasts when the movie came out. So as a smallish treat I rented it on Amazon’s streaming service.

After twenty minutes, “please turn this off.”

“Oh, you aren’t enjoying this?” I asked.

“No one can enjoy this,” came the reply.

J.K. Rowling is a Scott and a Socialist. Neither of those things are good at reading the American psyche. The idea of the Wizarding World in America wasn’t a bad one but the choice of 1930s New York City was awful. Mostly because NYC just isn’t magical. New Orleans would have been good. Or given the period, San Francisco. But New York was just flat and boring.

At least I don’t have to sit through the sequel now.


E;R Has a review of Jordan Peele’s Us currently online.

And by currently, I mean temporarily. I’m mostly posting it here because, I’ll get a time hack when YouTube takes it down and burns the link. I want to find out how long it takes.


I also failed to watch Mary Poppins Returns for the most part. Or rather it was running in the background while I nursed a sick computer.

It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t entertaining either. Or at least it wasn’t entertaining in the way Disney meant it to be.

The MacGuffin is that the Bank that Mister Banks worked at, is about to foreclose on the now grownup Michael Banks’ home. This movie is very hard Left. Michael’s sister is now a labour organizer and this is viewed as a good thing. Anyway, the funniest part of the movie is Colin Firth moustache twirling as he goes over how profitable the bank is now, they have foreclosed on seventeen houses this week and will foreclose on nineteen more next week. At first I thought they were grabbing these properties in order to build something on them but nope. They are just foreclosing to foreclose on them.

That’s right, evil banker’s way of making the bank profitable is to turn assets into liabilities.

The movie is hard Leftism for toddlers. The grubby lamp lighter is played by Lin-Manuel Miranda. He also wrote the songs and they were passably good. But honestly, I don’t know why they cast him as Dick Van Dyke’s replacement character. The Left thinks Miranda has more star power than he does, they are going to be pushing him for a while yet to come.

So anyway, Mary Poppins returns and does.. stuff. It’s pretty much a beat for beat remake of the original. And it’s all completely inconsequential because at the end of the movie Dick-Van-Dyke ex machina pops up, fires Colin Firth, dances a little and then forgives’ the entire mortgage. Basically, there was no point to movie. But it was nice to Dick one last time.

If you saw the original you have no reason to see this one.


Redlettermedia’s Star Wars IX theories.

I suspect Mike’s might be right.

Rey is shown in the trailer wielding the lightsaber that was completely destroyed in the Last Jedi. The Millennium Falcon’s old round deflector array, that was knocked off in Return of the Jedi is back in place.

His theory is that they are going full Avengers Endgame and retoconning everything with TIME TRAVEL.

Okay, I’m done here.

5 thoughts on “Blogs and Ends: Abortive Entertainment

  1. “His theory is that they are going full Avengers Endgame and retoconning everything with TIME TRAVEL.”

    Nah, Intro shot will be Leah in the bathroom opening the shower door, and Han will turn and say “Morning!”

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  2. Cataline, can I ask a favour? would you consider changing the webfont to ne that is a bit thicker? The current one is hard to read on the phone unless one zooms hard in.


  3. The RLM guys are probably right with what JJ is going to do. The thing I find odd is that JJ was all gung-ho to do Star Wars and now he seems to be going through the motions. It’s especially odd given TFA was well received and a financial windfall.

    I was happy they made the point that Super 8 was a far less successful Stranger Things.


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