Holy Crap! I Don’t Hate This

Admittedly, it’s just teaser and there is plenty of room to go down hill from here but all that said, I don’t hate this and I’m actually shocked by that.


After tirelessly searching for literally a couple of minutes I discovered that Jason Scott Lee is going to be playing the villain. Bori Khan, who appears to be slightly more historically relevant enemy for the People of the Han.

He has the chops for the part. I approve.

Second Update:

It doesn’t matter if I approve.

He’s not the actual villain, he’s just the muscle. The real villain is a witch played by some actress I’ve never heard of named Gong Li. She is apparently big in China but I’ve never seen her work.

Third Update:

Holy crap! I HAVE seen her work. She was White Bone Lady in Monkey King 2.

If you haven’t seen it, let me assure you, White Bone Lady can easily handle being the main villain.

Okay, my biggest question at this point is, are any of the Mulan songs going to be in this movie at all? Because this one is clearly being built with the China market as it’s primary market and the People of the Han are NOT into Music Man. This is a first for Disney.

On the other hand I really don’t want to see how Woke Disney would fuck up, A Girl Worth Fighting For.

3 thoughts on “Holy Crap! I Don’t Hate This

  1. I’m guessing the reason this actually looks like it will be decent is due to it appearing to be effectively a Chinese production, and China would not tolerate a baizuo Mulan movie being made there.

    Nonetheless, don’t give money to people that hate you. I am actually interested in this, but I’ll wait for alternate avenues of seeing it that don’t give money to Disney.


    1. Find out your library’s hold-to-purchase ratio. Say 10-to-1. Wait until the number of copies is 11x the number of holds for the DVD copy and add your name to the list. Watch the movie with your hand on the fast-forward button.


  2. Gong Li was also in The Emperor and the Assassin ( Chinese ‘historical’ ) as well as Hannibal Rising ( Silence of the Lambs prequel ).

    and i agree, if this is primarily a Chinese production for a Chinese audience, they’re not down with all that Woke faggotry. even Crouching Tiger was a parable about the damage rebellious women cause, despite the fact that Western audiences mistook it as “Feminist”.

    i saw the new Spiderman and … didn’t walk out of it. it’s not prequel trilogy bad, but that’s a low bar.

    the way i evaluated it was;
    Shazam was a better MCU movie.

    at one point in the first act Peter is informed that he is facing a threat which has already destroyed the Earth of universe 833(?) and which may destroy his Earth (616). he says he would prefer to go hang out with his high school field trip and he’s going to leave the responsibility of stopping this WORLD ENDING threat to a third party.


    this is the same thing as ignoring a thug in an alley and that thug going on to murder Uncle Ben. only, this threat has already ( supposedly ) murdered 7 billion people and intends to murder another 7 billion … including Peter’s class trip. in a movie full of gibberish, that’s probably the single stupidest thing.

    also, they keep calling his Spidey sense a “Peter tingle” throughout the movie.

    you know, because it’s so funny.


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