So Is This a Thing?

4 thoughts on “So Is This a Thing?

  1. they’ve been “deconstructing the superhero” for at least 30 years now.

    Watchman was probably the first major thing to explore the ubermensch-as-psychopath trope. and then Veitch went all in with the Brat Pack and Maximortal.

    Garth Ennis has made a career out of the genre by mixing in more humor, but it’s all really just retreads of what was done earlier. it looks to me like the live action probably doesn’t work as well as the comic book.


  2. 10 years ago when I was reading that book I would have been all over this. Now I just see it as the gore porn it always was. Well, a religious conversion does tend to change one’s perspective.

    I liked Ennis’s war comics much more, especially the “Tankies” stories. But what I’d really like to see is a movie of his “Dan Dare” book.

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