A Song of Grod: Next Chapter

So you know how I swore that I was totally done with A Song of Grod and what I had already written would be and that there would never ever be any more new content?

Yeah. about that.

The next chapter will be new content.

2 thoughts on “A Song of Grod: Next Chapter

  1. Good. I like the stuff you write. I know that Dark Winter didn’t do well. however, from what other indi author’s have said you don’t usually get a following until you have 5/7 novels out. Not sure if you want to invest that much effort in. Do you write for a hobby or to get payed.


  2. Yes! I can’t read them right now, because I have to do stuff that takes priority over reading, unfortunately, but I checked here in case you had posted more (I’d forgotten that the last chapter was the final one you had posted a few years ago) and I saw this and had to express my happiness that you decided to add to the story.


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