When Shills Cry

Is there anything sadder than a whore who thinks her John has fallen in love with her?

Kristian (no I did spell that right, it is Kristian with a K, godknows why) Harloff is one of the hosts of Collider.

Collider is a shill site. Really that’s all it is. Whenever the big studios want them to whore themselves out for Ghostbusters (2015) or Star Wars the Last Jedi or some other heap of shit. Collider obediently hit it’s knees, it’s mouth forming an O.

After five years of faithful and complete obedience Harloff thought he rated special treatment. He thought he was going to get early access to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

And the response from Disney was; Kristian who?

What followed was one of the most hilarious reactions of hell hathing no fury like a shill scorned.

Can’t blame him.

Some things come along too late in life. What I wouldn’t have given for this when I was twelve.

2 thoughts on “When Shills Cry

    1. You should like hackfraudmedia’s reviews. He does reviews in a similar style really getting to the nuts and bolts of the problems, and he isn’t afraid to call out the filmmaker’s politics. (Just like RLM used to do until they blew up and had to take care not to trod on industry toes.) Here is HackFraudmedia’s TLJ review:


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