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Just a quick post.


Here are my first thoughts on Avengers Endgame.  I’ll be posting a more thorough review next week, since I don’t want to risk spoilers,

I figure by next week everyone who is in a rush to see it will have done so.

Anyway, my thoughts.

Yes, it’s good.  Go see it.

And no SHE doesn’t ruin it.  While Captain Marvel shows up in a few spots she is otherwise barely in this one.


I yes, I deleted my review of Last American Virgin.  I decided it was embarrassing and I didn’t want to it anywhere on the internet except the WayBackMachine.  Your business if you want to look at it there.

When I started this new blog I decided from the get go, that I was never going to do another post on Game.  Those that have learned, have learned.  Those that can not, won’t.  Also Incels are annoying losers and I don’t want them cluttering up the comments here with their weird ideas.


Okay, I’m done here.



3 thoughts on “Blogs and Ends

  1. Thanks, good info. However, I’m busy with craft brewing, reducing the “to read” pile, and a couple projects. Next 3 months got busy. Think I’ll wait for either library or third-round theater.

    One peeve:

    I’m visually tired of CGI hero movies. The overproduction destroys both visual and audio experience. Straight animation would be better.


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