Captain Marvel…Disney Has Begun to Panic


Foxnews, the last refuge of the Lefty scoundrel.

Brie Larson went on Fox to “clarify” her comments regarding inclusivity.  Which is to say that is now lying about what she already said, and claim that we took it out of context.

We took nothing out of context, she was talking about exclusivity and we noticed.

How the hell could we not notice?  After Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who, certain patterns have become obvious.  We can read the smoke signals by now.  SJWism is now trying to swarm over the MCU and fill it with two dimensional Mary Sues just like they did in the actual Marvel comics.

It turns out Disney is learning to read a few smoke signals themselves.  The crash of box-office projections combined with a record breaking low “want to see it” rating on Rotten Tomatoes appears to have set off a terrified panic in the upper floors of the House of Mouse.

When all is said and done they can afford to have Captain Marvel underperform.  But an outright fail right two months before they release Avengers Endgame has to be a source of unimaginable horror to them.  After all Captain Marvel is going to be a big part of a movie that they are counting on to rake in another two billion world wide.  And it is way too late for reshoots.

Hence Larson appearing on what SJWs view as the Hellmouth News Service to try and spin what she actually said.

This is called lying.

4 thoughts on “Captain Marvel…Disney Has Begun to Panic

  1. They did us a favor by removing the comments, that crap usually turns into MGTOW butt hurt instead of throwing out a bit of rhetoric discredit and then leaving it at that. The SJW just eat up that butt hurt it usually ends up ensconcing themselves as authority. Imagine them grabbing onto some dork weasel’s essay length diatribe against feminism and expertly D & Ding the essay into a self own joke. I support RT.


  2. A reminder even though I don’t think it will apply, but that Mad Max movie did a bit of guerrilla marketing by having the manosphere all stirred up and butthurt about stronk womyn when after watching the movie all I got from it was banging hot babes playing Post Apocalypse Bikini Team to Slayer on Wheels.


  3. What I truly find hysterical about the “Captain’s” Strong Military Women shtick is the triumvirate of real world Strong Women in Uniform
    1. Converting to Islam and funneling intelligence to Iran
    2. Being relieved of command of a fighter squadron for incompetence
    3. Turning the bridge of a US destroyer into the movie “Mean Girls” and crashing it into another fucking ship.


  4. Turns out “Brie” is actually dried-out American Singles “cheese food”.

    Who would’ve guessed?


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