Patreon: Hello Fellow Creators!

A couple of years ago Youtuber Sargon of Akkad was on another streamer’s channel and when asked to provide what he would consider crossing the line on hate speech he said he’d consider “N-bomb”* as an example. The channel in question did not have a Patreon account.

Patreon banned him for this. Thus cutting him off from about $12,000 a month. No matter what you think of Sargon, you can’t say that this wasn’t complete and total bullshit.

It was the identifiable start of the Great Purge. Where the career SJWs on workman’s comp for hyperobesity, would stalk a known target of the hivemind and report anything that could be portrayed as a transgression against the sacred word to the very sympathetic ears of their fellow SJWs at the heavily converged Patreon. Who would of course ban said target for violating the very, very nebulous EULA.

Being as converged as the it is, they naturally followed hiring practices that favored politics over ability and in consequence have developed an astonishingly incompetent corporate culture.

This was easily supported in times of plenty but guess what? We just hit the biggest financial landmine since Black Friday 1929. Not to state the obvious but if you are suddenly a charity case, the first thing you cut is your own charity contributions.

In an utterly hilarious move, Patreon is suddenly reaching out to the people they banned two years ago. I can’t beleave that they have the gall to say, “hey, remember when we shit on you for being a Nazi and cutoff a big source of your income? Well, we changed our minds. We think you are super cool guy who is fun to be with and we want you back. All is forgiven!”

Patreon then launched this trailer on YouTube.

Patreon is indeed patronizing creators but not in the way they intended. This is the most “Hello fellow kids” thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Patreon is going under and there is a ton of it’s former clients that are going to dance and spit all over its grave.

*In case you are wondering WordPress is getting bad about this themselves.

4 thoughts on “Patreon: Hello Fellow Creators!

  1. How is it possible Patreon can lose money? Their entire business model is facilitating money transfers and taking a cut….


    1. It’s possible through utter incompetence.
      It’s possible when you don’t know how much you are spending and your money outflow exceeds your intake.
      It’s possible why you decide you are so powerful that you can punish your customers for Bad Think.
      SJWs destroy every business they infest.


  2. It’s possible when you treat your donor clientele like unwanted nuisances and shuffle them off with excuses when they try to find out why none of their donations to an (as yet unbanned) creator aren’t going through.

    Patreon is thoroughly repellent.


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