Proof That Trump Won the Debate

From the National Post:

“Google searches in the U.S. for the terms “move to Canada” and “how to move to Canada” skyrocketed last night, hitting their peak at around 10 p.m. Eastern time, right as the two candidates were locked in their grim battle.”

You know damn good and well nobody on the Right ever does that.

We either move to Italy or the Philippines.

6 thoughts on “Proof That Trump Won the Debate

  1. Weird they don’t want to move to Mexico since most liberals seem to love Mexicans so much. Maybe it’s too hot for them, yeah, that must be it couldn’t be anything else. /s/


  2. I’m Canadian. The reputation for politeness Canadians have is a lie. We spit in your Tim Horton’s coffee. You don’t want to know what we do to the soup. Stay away.


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