Hugo Awards 2020

This years Hugos went so far beneath my radar I didn’t know they had happened.

I think we have finally reached the point where a Hugo Award is actually damaging to an author’s reputation. Certainly, no one who loves Science Fiction will want to buy a book with the words Hugo Award winner on the cover.

As you may know by now. George R.R. Martin hosted the 2020 Hugo Awards and he was apparently too old to be Woke. He hadn’t really kept up with things like who is an Unperson and who is the Greatest Thing-Evah! (We gave her the Hugo for best novel three years in a row so that proves it!).

He also couldn’t be bothered to get the names right of such luminaries in the field as Bogi Takács, Nibedita Sen, and Devi Pillai.

The marginally more pronounceable Jeannette Ng was making a lot of pronouncements. She won the John W. Campbell award last year and got a Hugo this year for the speech she made last year where she called the guy who her award was named after, a racist and “fascist.”

And she was apparently pissed that Martin had nice things to say about the guy who gave him his career.

“John W. Campbell, for whom this award was named, was a fascist,” Ng said at the time. “Through his editorial control of Astounding Science Fiction, he is responsible for setting a tone of science fiction that still haunts the genre to this day. Sterile. Male. White. Exalting in the ambitions of imperialists and colonisers, settlers and industrialists.”

And also he would never have bought any your dull-ass SJW doggrel.

Campbell is better known today than you are Ng and will be remembered long after you are completely forgotten.

6 thoughts on “Hugo Awards 2020

  1. Ah, an SJW complaining about sterility and imperialism: classic.

    About Martin’s possible motivations, he either 1)has moderately more attributes that I imagined, 2)is too old and too rich to give a damn anymore, 3)is too depressed to care because he still has to finish the ASOIAF books, doesn’t want to and now knows, thanks to the tv show, that no one will like his ending anyway, meaning his literary magnum opus is forever stained.

    Whatever the reason, this promises to be fun.


    1. I’m pretty sure it’s #2. Most of his fans are normies who don’t follow the freak show that is organized fandom. Attempts to unperson him will fail.


  2. The Hugos are now basically that one episode of Married with Children where Marcie and her feminist activist group hijack Al Bundy’s NO MA’AM club and use it to promote their agenda. It was a funny joke back then – a satirical stab at joyless Soapbox Sadies, only now the Feminists don’t realize that it’s a joke. They’ve invaded the Clubhouse thinking they’re making a profound contribution to human rights when they’re just making fools of themselves. And while I wouldn’t mind reading a science fiction story told from the perspective of a different culture, I know that none of the stories selected for the Hugos will be remotely interesting, since they’ve been chosen for how well they push a message, not for how skillfully they tell a story.


    1. One of the early ebook sites in the early aughts would give away Hugo short story nominees every year. For about four years I read them. It didn’t take long to decide a Hugo nomination likely meant the story was trash.


  3. On the bright side, if my circle of friends and family are representative of a large segment of the U.S. population, this type of activity is opening eyes that have been willfully closed for 25 years. The frog is noticing the water temperature differential.


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