The Most Important Number

The number of new cases of COVID-19 reported is the most important number. Number of deaths will continue to rise because the disease hasn’t run its course with the people who have just been diagnosed.

In Michigan the number of new cases reported is down two days in a row. And my god I had to pull teeth to extract those numbers from graphs. Either my idiotic governor doesn’t want this number made public or nobody in her administration is good at math.

I would give you the numbers but these kinds of posts have turned out to be Concern Troll magnets. The moment I post them I’ll have some idiot screaming DON’T YOU GET IT PEOPLE ARE DYING!!! in the comments. He will then torture my numbers until they confess to whatever he wants.

Besides two days can not reasonably be considered a trend.

I’ll report back on this at the end of the week. The trend will have either firmed up or I will have been proven to be pointlessly optimistic.

13 thoughts on “The Most Important Number

  1. Honestly, this has to be the most confused pandemic ever. No one seems sure of who has exactly died from Wuhan flu and how to determine if it was the root cause. We need a billion respirators yesterday, but hey the 1,000 sent to New York are plenty. Hospital staff are overworked, yet we have doctors and nurses drawing unemployment. (If you are a nurse or doctor and can’t somehow be used in an emergency, what’s the point?) It’s clown land right now.

    We have over a million confirmed cases world wide and all you hear people say is we need more data. You would think big data would live for this moment. Instead it only seems minimally competent to feed you ads.

    And is it just me, or have search engines become increasingly worthless for things like this? I’ll see the same article show up on four of the five first pages.


    1. I work with medical IT systems, and the various EHR’s and applications that hospitals use can barely keep track of patient information… and don’t get me started on the typically state owned systems that would be used to collect and collate the data on these types of things. They don’t even work on a good day.

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  2. My favorite comment about this is how the Wu-Flu has managed to eradicate Heart Disease as a cause of death in Italy and the US.


    1. My favorite comment about this is how the Wu-Flu has managed to eradicate Heart Disease as a cause of death in Italy and the US.

      I am stealing this!


  3. Orange County CA – 3.2 million people / 931 case / 15 dead. (129 hospitalized 75 of those in ICU)….. Though in late 2019, early 2020 before the Wuhan CV-19, the flu season was being reported as “above normal”.


  4. Dr. Brix basically admitted that if someone is even suspected of having the virus and dies, that’s automatically the cause of death. So theoretically, if I have the disease in a very mild form and get hit by a car and die, then I’m a coronavirus death…


    1. It’s the up-sized disease order no-one wants. Last year 108,000 people died last month* of some kind of disease. Super-sizing their order with the ChiCom herpes or athlete’s foot, for that matter wouldn’t change their payout at the window.

      What we don’t know (including who that “we” is) is how many people last year squeaked out a win against some disease who are going to bite it from WuFlu-2020.
      I suspect that’s where Dr. Fauci got his “estimated” 100k – 200k additional deaths” number from.

      No vaccine. No (at the time the decisions were made) known treatment… But in a country where most people would literally rather risk a scary disease death than “be a racist” we were never going to get anything but Quarantine Kabuki.

      *Total death by disease 2019 from the CDC divided by 12. See. I could write for the papers!


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