Cataline Predicts…

That there will be a mini Baby-Boom starting around the end of December.

And they shall be called: The Children of the Quorn.

4 thoughts on “Cataline Predicts…

  1. I wouldn’t recommend a December birthday, as someone who has one.

    The only month that might be worse for birthdays is January, since you JUST got a whole bunch of new stuff and everyone’s tapped out financially.


  2. My wife totally grossed out her juniors and seniors in class, about 7 years ago. Lots of October and November birthrates, all of them glad to be on the front end of the class year, with One Interest to Rule Them All. Not so fast … she set the wayback machine to January/February of 199X and the great blizzards. “What do you suppose was going on, since they were basically home-bound for weeks?” This, from their bio teacher. She could almost hear hormones fleeing in terror. Stayed fled that winter, most of the quarter.


  3. I would recommend “Boomer-Free Generation”–and good Lord how I envy them that. By the time they’re 18 they’ll not have to listen to a pair of geezers at Publix going on for the 175th time this year about how great the White album was.


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