The Fall of Disney

Pictured Nara Dreamland but you get the point

Disney just had a brutal shareholder meeting. Iger and Chapek looked like they were shell shocked.

Now admittedly, this is going to be a brutal quarter particularly for an entertainment company. But Disney is going to take it in the teeth. Disney Cruise lines are probably going to be ordered into ports. The parks are going to be drastically under-performing this summer. And NONE of the upcoming movies are going to hit the billion dollar mark. Mulan isn’t going to cut it, neither will Jungle Cruise. The magic isn’t there. Disney Plus has run out of steam early due to a lack of content.

The stone has been rung dry.

There were a lot of hardball questions getting asked. This wasn’t he usual Iger stroke-fest. This was rough.

Bob Chapek looked like he was making a Gulf War Iraqi POW video. “i am very happy to be the disney ceo. i am treated well. i am given a bed with two sheets and two meals a day with plenty of rice and beans. red beans…the nice ones.”

Funniest line, “Lucasfilm is doing great!” And apparently that was the one problem that even angry shareholders didn’t want to face.

The brightest good news that Bob Iger had was, “this is going to be a sobering year.

7 thoughts on “The Fall of Disney

  1. I don’t mind seeing Dwayne Johnson in a movie now and again. However, it seems like he is everything lately. Couldn’t they have picked someone else for Jungle Cruise? Although it looks like a boring CGI fest.

    I am just waiting for when the Marvel movies start to under-perform. That’s the last movie property they have that is doing well. Even acquiring Fox isn’t going to help them. All of Fox’s big franchises are legacies that Fox itself was running into the ground.


  2. These companies are so strange. They seem bipolar, stumbling back and forth between in-your-face WOKE and “we’re sorry, come back friends.”

    If the boards care about profits at all why do they allow the wokeness? Are they scared of bad press if they try to root it out? Can’t they just fire unsuccessful employees? Or is it that all the prominent people to hire are all on board with the agenda so they don’t get the results they want regardless of who they pick?

    It’s odd how obvious it’s become. You get so many folks just begging Hollywood to make their poison taste good again, because they don’t even do a good job hiding the propaganda anymore.

    I just don’t understand how the boards don’t just kick out all these cancerous “creatives” when they don’t meet projections over and over.


      1. So why do they get upset about it then? Aren’t they happy they pushed wokeness and don’t care about the lost profits?

        Or is it that ~40% of the board wants to make money and be successful and the rest just wants to push agenda?

        If they’re all in on it, wouldn’t they be happy with KK? Or do they have to pretend to be mad to keep investor money?


  3. @Eidolon

    It’s odd how obvious it’s become. You get so many folks just begging Hollywood to make their poison taste good again, because they don’t even do a good job hiding the propaganda anymore.

    It has to be on purpose, remember that the in the mind of a retardo SJW leftard there is a movie playing where they are heroically fighting to save the world from the bad guys.

    The infection runs deep, very deep.


  4. If this keeps up much longer, Warren Buffett is going to go on Bloomberg and talk about what a great buying opportunity Disney is (right after he shorts the shit out of it).


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