Vox Was Right Again

Evan Hafners reaction to Kyle Rittenhouse was the canary in the coal mine.

At least I don’t have to pretend I like their shitty coffee anymore.

Also, these assholes are milking a dead cow.

People stopped saying “thank you for your service,” about 18 month ago.

The tears are dry, the well of sympathy is empty. Everybody has moved on with their lives. Nobody gives a sour fuck about anybody’s time in the Sandbox or in the Rockpile.

If you’re worried about what has your careerist buddy in the Puzzle Palace’s panties in a knot, then you are the coffee company of the Romney Right.

I suppose they are already interviewing for CRT instructors, all veterans I’m sure!

3 thoughts on “Vox Was Right Again

  1. Place I used to work at bought that coffee on a subscription. Worse than Starbucks. Anyways, it’s good to see grifters like Dana Loesch and her retard husband burning all their credibility defending these frauds.

    P.S. You should post more here.


  2. Coffee is coffee and I would support any real Americans. This is angering and disappointing. You do need to post here more.


  3. Living on Hawai’i Island with some of the best coffee grown down the highway from me, I was never tempted by these cucks, especially at their prices. Now I’m glad I didn’t get suckered.


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