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  1. that’s not wrong. see; Kalergi Plan
    otoh, that raises the question of why Trump hasn’t done more to support his supporters.
    IF he has the resources necessary to cross the Rubicon
    THEN why hasn’t he been deploying them?
    IF he is still marshaling needed resources
    THEN this “plan” is coming down to a razor sharp, and very marginally decided, cusp.
    and frankly, i’m having difficulty imagining who could possibly remain uncommitted at this late stage. IF he could get the necessary support of the .mil , shouldn’t he already have it? who could be remaining who both *could* be convinced AND was not yet decided?
    given the prior Masonic history of both Donald and his father, it’s starting to look like the Kayfabe was meant as a demoralizing and demonizing narrative to justify suppression and emasculation of White Men.
    yes, yes, i know, January 20th and “trust the plan” and “watch the show” and all that

    but life isn’t a television show. and passively waiting is not going to bring the change we’re looking for.
    it’s certainly not what the Left or the GOPe are doing.


  2. @Bob Mando,
    Trump has moved the Overton Window to a different freaking suburb. I think the man’s earned a little patience. 11 more days


  3. That meme is true, but sadly, it probably has the situation reversed.

    After the election, Trump supporters have been hoping that the battleground state legislatures or GOP senators or the Supreme Court or Pence or the military will step in and save the Trump presidency.

    Trump ran as an outsider and didn’t have the full backing of the GOP. As a result, he didn’t have the thousands of loyal and vetted long term supporters that he needed to staff his administration. So he had to leave many Obama appointees in place, leading to many problems. Trump also didn’t have the hundreds of thousands of election workers and volunteers and a billion dollars to run the 2020 election.

    How the GOP lost control of Washington, and what comes next

    That article explains how the Democrats out thought, out worked and out spent the GOP and MAGA movement.

    The Democrats hired hundreds of lawyers and lobbyists to change the mail in ballot laws in the battle ground states, they spent hundreds of millions of dollars placing ballot harvesting boxes and hiring hundreds or thousands of vote harvesters to collect the right ballots. The Dems staffed the ballot counting system with their supporters. Trump just didn’t have the money or time to gather together the human resources to win against the very determined Democrats.

    Trump wasn’t going to save his MAGA supporters, it was the other way around. He needed hundreds of thousands of more MAGA people willing to work to win the election.

    The Democrats may have successfully stolen an election where too few MAGA people were available to oppose the Dems in the battleground states. The Dems know that they lost the election and they’ll lose the next one too, unless they suppress conservatives anyway they can.


  4. *shrugs*
    i was one of the very first on the Trump Train for the last election at VP. and i shall be thrilled if he pulls something out of his hat this time.
    this does not mean that i am unaware of variant options from those which i prefer. and IF YOU’VE BEEN READING VOX CAREFULLY, you’ll note that he is also aware of them.
    and the question YOU have to answer is this:
    why is Q always telling you to NOT do anything?


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