My Daily Blood Pressure Spike

Courtesy of the god damn fucking Michigan Republican Party.

They had the CEO of Dominion in for questioning and that collection of bumbling Colonel Klink cunt-waffles known as the GOP Michigan Senate let him run rings around them.

He flat out lied to them under oath knowing full well nothing would happen to him.

Cyber security expert Garland Favorito replies:

“The opening statement by CEO John Poulos claiming it is technologically impossible for a voting system like Dominion to flip votes in real time has already been proven to be BLATANTLY FALSE by many American computer scientists. I can state categorically based on my career IT experience and 16 years of non-partisan voting system research that any voting system can be programmed in advance to flip votes in real time. Mr. Polous may be able to fool members of a legislature or the media but he cannot fool Election Integrity advocates who are IT professionals.”

“Mr. Poulos further claimed that vote switches have not occurred on Dominion systems. It is fact that hand count audits proved Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 voting systems swapped votes from President Trump to former Vice President Biden in both Michigan and Georgia. We don’t know what component of the system caused this to occur in Georgia because the Secretary of State [Raffensperger] is blocking forensic system exams in multiple counties. However, we now do know that for the 2020 Presidential election to be considered legitimate, properly conducted hand count audits must be completed by any counties running the Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 system.”

That harem of blithering Boomer fools had one chance with this guy and this collection of Cucks who have to ask their aides for help with their iPhones, didn’t have the brains to have one damn cyber security expert along for the ride?!?!?!?!

Excuse me, I have to go scream in the woods for a while.

4 thoughts on “My Daily Blood Pressure Spike

  1. Or, and hear me out, maybe it was all just theater. And all the actors will be paid for playing their parts in front of the media.

    Ready to burn it all down myself.


  2. no.
    whether Trump is going to cross the Rubicon or not is completely irrelevant to the fact that the Michigan legislature has the authority to investigate Dominion AND a responsibility to insure that a fair election is conducted. they also have a censure and penalty power beyond simply cancelling the Dominion Contract.
    even should the God Emperor reign for 10,000 years, this does nothing to mitigate the fact that the Michigan legislature has completely abdicated their sworn responsibility to uphold Constitution ( State and Federal ), enforce Law, and protect the will of We The People who elected them to office.

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    1. I was thinking and hoping he would (per Darkstream) but alas, it was not to be. I almost feel like not voting at all any more. First and probably last time I vote for a Republican. Fuck ’em. The Supremes were also cowardly.


  3. At this point, primary all their butts. Even if it’s the guy delivering donuts. All the challenger needs to campaign on is the reality of cucking cowardice in the face of the enemy. Cowardly Lyin’, all right.

    Told my local reps and senators the same thing on [Redact], with the reminder that stop it NOW or in two years they don’t matter. Dem party boss presses the button, you lose by 2000 votes.


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