Washington Riots

Not a surprise to me.

Frankly my recent trip to the Swamp left me utterly pissed… At my own side. People had showed up for an incursion into enemy territory and they were acting like it was a goddamn fucking vacation. I felt like the Union Soldiers at First Bull Run watching people driving their buggies out to have a picnic and watch the battle, convinced that no harm could come to them.

The Oath Keepers were the most infuriating because of their absolute commitment to pretending that it’s still 1980 and if they are only Centrist hard enough it will sway the masses. Also, those dumb fucks had a plan for getting people good and deep into enemy territory but had NO PLAN FOR GETTING THEM OUT AGAIN!!!

Their view was, well the protest is over now, everyone will just go home. No dipshit. The thugs in black will start picking off the stragglers.

Our side in general has no idea just how organized the OPFOR IS. This isn’t 2016 and it’s not a bunch of skinny community college students anymore.

They know they are at war.

And it only takes one side to have a war.

4 thoughts on “Washington Riots

  1. *shrugs*
    even the vast majority of “our side” are just Normiefags.
    violent conflict in the streets is something that happens “over there”, not here in the USA. i mean, non-violent transfer of power is totes who we are!


  2. I still can’t believe people took their CHILDREN to that event. Obliviots.

    And your last line is as true today as it was when i was a kid listening to my grandma tell me it takes two to start a fight. A lot of folks about to get a rude awakening that it truly only takes one party to start a fight–unless the recipient of the violence is willing to endure slavery or death.

    May God bless and guide President Trump for the next eight years.


  3. I will be going to the January 6 event, and a lot of other people will as well. I won’t be going home afterward (personal/security reasons to relocate), but I can spread information at the rally points along the way. What should we do differently this time?

    First thing: Bring a jug of milk in each car, for cleanup in case Antifa attacks with pepper spray.


    1. 1. Treat it as an invasion into enemy territory because it is.

      2. Keep an eye out for likely ambush points because I guarantee the ANTIFA has the scouted and manned. A fresh pallet of bricks where there is no construction going on is good indication.

      3. Don’t be polite to strangers in Trump shirts. If the kid wearing a Trump shirt is also wearing a purple man-bun and straight-leg jeans he’s OPFOR.

      He’s either going to try to incite, or hand out Pamphlets with giant swasticas on them. While his buddy videos it.

      4. Have a solid exfiltration plan.


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