Sorry to Burst Any Bubbles

You can not count on the Michigan GOP to do the right thing today. Their leadership is entirely controlled by the cunt-waffles from Grosse Point. they are Romney Republicans and they are utterly convinced if they bury their heads deeply enough in the sand, that the world will be 1980 again when they come up for air.

They are completely fucking worthless cuckservatives.

In other Michigan news the lawyer repping the suit in Antrim County has gotten a threatening phone call from the Michigan Bar Association. And Michigan’s Soros bought and paid for AG Nessel wants to prosecute anyone in the legislature that supported the Texas lawsuit, presumably for treason against Michigan.

UPDATE: I told ya.

2 thoughts on “Sorry to Burst Any Bubbles

  1. just saw a pic of your feckless GOP speaker, Lee Chatfield. Sounds like the name of the upper class, preppy, twit, antagonist in a bad 80s movie. I sent him a note (not that he’ll actually read it) letting him know exactly how little I think of him.


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