What a Difference A Ruling Makes

I am now completely in favor of packing the unholy fuckity fucking fuck out of of Supreme Court.

Congrats Barret you are no longer the only conservative pussy on the court.

“A republic if you can keep it.”

Yeah, about that Ben…

5 thoughts on “What a Difference A Ruling Makes

  1. Yup. This is bullshit. All three Trump appointments cucked. The only justifiable explanation would be if they were trying to maintain the appearance of impartiality prior to backing President Trump’s invoking the Insurrection Act.

    Either way, yeah. Pack it til it’s bursting at the seams with Justices from the Right. They can’t all be cucks.


  2. If the modern world has taught us anything its that Representative Democracy is the worst system of government. You are given the choice between a few groups of oligarchs who can then do whatever they want to you over their term of office. The whole system is really in play so that people have an illusion that they only have to take the abuse for the term of office (4-5 years), and then they can vote their rulers out and replace them. If a group of nobles did evil, than they would be overthrown when they did evil. Now people are used to the oligarchs doing evil and they let them do it because its theoretically on a timer and because apparently “most people agreed on it by proxy”. Where I’m at there have been plenty of cases where the entire government has voted yes on issues that 85%+ of the population said no to. The courts are supposed to be the only real counter power of the population, which is a joke because the courts are appointed by the government and hand out opinions on such matters which can be ignored as desired.

    Some might say direct democracy would be worse, but than again, would the people as a general body do stuff like give away all their rights, lock themselves down for ages, etc? Not to mention that direct democracy isn’t exactly a bureaucrat’s dream.

    Re this decision, nobody really cared about the opinion of the supreme court here. Its more just a few extra legal good boy points one way or the other.


    1. “…Some might say direct democracy would be worse, but than again, would the people as a general body do stuff like give away all their rights,…”

      Yes. Yes, they would. In a heartbeat.

      And deposing or overthrowing nobles isn’t exactly easy, to say the least.


  3. well, you already knew Roberts was going to betray you.

    Barrett and Kavanaugh are both Irish Catholics and Gorsuch was raised Catholic and may still consider himself to be one. to the extent that Gorsuch is “Protestant”, he attends pro-LGBT Episcopal Churchs and, when it comes time to make rulings, extends the Civil Rights Act to “protect” the queer agenda. Gorsuch also has a Jesuit education ….

    so much for the Strict Constuctionalist leanings of the “CONservative” members of the Court.

    how were you expecting to get 5 votes to actually uphold the Constitution?


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