Pennsylvania Has To Respond Today

Alito moved up their response date and time. As of now it’s 9:00am.

IF the Supreme Court grants cert (sure as hell not guaranteed) Ted Cruz will be presenting oral arguments before the court.

Texas has filed suit against the Gang of Four states, arguing that their popular votes are so contaminated they need to be thrown out. As this is between states, SCOTUS has original jurisdiction (again if they decide to hear the case).


UPDATE: The Supreme Court has rejected the Pennsylvania lawsuit.

And I am suddenly very open to the idea of packing the Supreme Court.

CORRECTION: Louisiana joined the Texas lawsuit today. It is POSSIBLE that SCOTUS bounced Penn’s because they only wants to hear one of these things.

One thought on “Pennsylvania Has To Respond Today

  1. FWIW, this is what Jenna Ellis said on her Twitter:

    “The Supreme Court only denied emergency injunctive relief. In the order, it did NOT deny cert.Mike Kelly’s suit is still pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.”


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