This Is Bleeding Kansas You Blockheads!!!

Even if it looks like the Beltway.

These rallies are critically important. Counter attack is vital at this juncture if we are going to disrupt the message of “Biden has won, just accept it!”

This level of fraud is as unprecedented as it illegal. If we accept this “result,” we may as well stop having elections now because they are just going to keep doing it.

But you have to use your brain when you head into the heart of enemy territory.

I did the road-zombie thing and headed down to the Million Maga March. Crashed at an old friend’s place for a few hours before meeting up with a few other guys from “good old days” and we headed in together.

The goons showed up but they were staying well behind the police lines separating us and just yelled shit. I couldn’t make out what assholery the dipshits were chanting and doubt if I would have cared even if I had understood it.

Our rally was fun and very energetic. Then it wound down and broke up.

I used to know DC pretty well a couple of decades ago. The guys asked me if I knew where there was a good place to eat. I thought of couple I wouldn’t mind visiting again and then asked, “how much spit do you guys want to eat?”

I went on to remind them, that we were the enemy inside an enemy city. And DC restauranteurs are notorious Lefties. Hence, our food being seasoned with saliva.

Also, the Goons were going to start feeling braver once there were isolated targets to pick off. We were a small bunch of large, fit but clearly middle-aged ex-military men. low interest maybe, depending on the size of their mob. And restaurants and hotels would be the preferred ambush sites.

If they had wanted to play, “rocka-rocka” during the rally, I would have been more than willing but I’m too old to go looking for fun after hours. I’ll leave that to the Proud Boys. Also, I had a twelve hour road-trip ahead of me.

So, we grabbed some chow at some pump and dump, truck stop and headed home.

I found out later that, sure enough, people with zero situational awareness got jumped.

I’m in the Right-wing, I can do the victim shaming thing. Old rules just don’t apply anymore. If you are in their turf to make noise they are going to come after you. So, you better have an exfiltration plan. This ain’t four years ago when they were just community college assistant professors. They’ve been recruiting career criminals into their goon-squads for a while now.

You do need to go to these rallies, if we don’t rise now, we fall.

But you need an exfiltration plan afterwards.

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS IS EVERYTHING. The people who got jumped apparently thought they were taking a day trip instead of something that would be viewed as enemy action. They will be looking for the easiest target, so don’t be one.

2 thoughts on “This Is Bleeding Kansas You Blockheads!!!

  1. oops, i forgot that The Estimable John C. Wright, Esq. lives in Centreville Virginia. you can contact him through his blog and see if he wants to get involved. he may also have eating or lodging recommendations.

    i could probably find some more stuff in the Fairfax / Falls Church area.

    there’s a Big Planet Comic shop in Vienna.

    the Memorial to the Men of the Titanic is a neat little trip but it’s definitely daytime only. the neighborhood around Ft McNair isn’t the best. and nobody goes to Teddy Roosevelt Memorial Island, that has foot bridge access from Arlington.


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