That Was Your October Surprise?!?!

So billionaire’s don’t pay taxes like the rest of us? Come on!

Next you are going to be telling me that rain is wet.

This is pretty weak tea stuff as October Surprises go. The NY Times allegedly colluded with the Biden campaign so that they could have a new ad ready to go. This is nothing compared to the things Trump was getting accused of last time around. But it was all they had so they ran with it.

Former accountant Larry Corriea explains things to stupid people:

Let me give you an example. I can’t remember the exact details because this was over 20 years ago, but when I was getting my accounting degree we learned about this challenge someone did, where they got something like a hundred different tax preparers, ranging from Big 5 (back then)firms, medium size firms, small firms, individual CPAs, TurboTax, H&R Block, the works… to do the taxes of the same hypothetical family of five. This family had a small business, some investments, some rental property, so on and so forth, but nothing super complicated. Then they had the hundred different preparers do their taxes… And they got a hundred different answers of what they owed that year. And each of those answers could be argued as being correct… And yet each of those answers could also be determined as wrong by an IRS auditor. 

Sometimes there is confusion about what can or cannot be deducted. Some things are clear. Others are questionable. Some things the IRS has clearly stated are good to go, others you make your best guess, and then hope the auditor doesn’t disagree. There is an old tax preparer saying, pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.

This campaign is already over. This election has been won and lost. We just don’t get to know the results until after November, 3rd (hopefully).

Nothing is going to change anybody’s mind at this point.

This election isn’t a contest between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

It’s a contest between Pro-Trump and Anti-Trump. I’ve never seen a candidate with less support than Biden. There is no pro-Biden camp within the Democrats. Trump on the other hand has massive support from his base.

Historical models heavily favor Donald Trump. In the past one hundred years, only three presidents that have stood for re-election have been turned out of office. Hoover, Carter, and Bush. All three had the same problem. The coalition that had elected them broke up. In Hoover’s case, the old Post-Civil War Republican party broke up. In Carter’s, the Dixie-crats finally called it a day. And Papa Bush was elected by Reagan’s coalition and then betrayed them so badly that Ross Perrot was able to shave off 30% of Right-wing vote thus assuring George Bush’s defeat.

On the flip side, Joe Biden is “too old, too familiar and too tainted by a thousand shabby backroom deals.” There is too much of an air of “if he was going to get to the White House he would have done it by now,” about Wandering Joe.

Upside, Biden’s campaign wouldn’t have agreed to the debate at all if they didn’t think the medical cocktail they’ve got him on wasn’t up to the job. He will likely give an acceptable performance for two of them. If he starts to go downhill, his campaign will call off the third. Although given the early bird “lids” his campaign has repeatedly called, he might be building up a resistance to his meds and could be a problem. It also doesn’t matter that his son is corrupt and that he himself is a sex-fiend. The Democrats don’t care about anything other than Biden not being Trump.

The IRS thing might have had a little more traction if a SCOTUS seat hadn’t upended their plans but in the end, it doesn’t matter.

The only thing that Biden really has going for him is that he really doesn’t have to campaign at all. Because Joe Biden doesn’t have to win at all. Anti-Trump does.

Like I said, Biden has no support.

And historically, the candidate without real support never wins.

5 thoughts on “That Was Your October Surprise?!?!

  1. Have we ever had a national fraud system as complete as ours?

    My money is on a clear Trump victory, undermined by massive egregious and obvious fraud.

    So… If you live somewhere that has fraud-by-mail, drive to a library drop box (no stamp, no return address) in a blue district.


  2. WIth early and mail-in voting, nothing the pols do matter at this point. It’s going to come down to base turnout and illegal ballot harvesting by the Democrats.


  3. I think it’s sad and funny that these retards make Trump’s hair an icon and then clutch their pearls when he writes off hair maintenance on his taxes.


  4. Trump will win on votes, but the Dems are pretty brazenly planning to steal the election. 2 weeks after Nocember 3rd to “find” ballots in Michigan…. They arent even pretending to be honest.


  5. actually, these dumbasses are hoisting themselves with their own petard.

    Trump did NOT “pay” a couple hundred dollars in taxes. being a business man, he PREPAYS DURING THE YEAR. to the tune of millions of dollars.
    ” NewNumberTwo • 9 hours ago
    Oh, and when you read that The Donald only paid $750 in taxes, that was his accountants finding he owed $750 MORE than the 1.4 million and 4 million he had already paid. Only off by $750 estimated after a year is actually pretty good”

    if NN2 is correct, expect Trump to dunk all over Biden and the questioners tonight when they attempt to “spring” this on him.


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