Blogs and Ends: Non-Labor Day Edition


YouTube Censorship Gone Wild

This video was struck from celebrity YouTuber Markiplier’s channel.

And it had been posted for three years before getting a strike. This guy is up there with PewdiePie and they are treating him like shit. YouTube has gotten too big to fulfill its primary function. Let’s hop AG Barr is serious with his legal action against Alphabet.

Anyway judge for yourself. Yes, there is excessive and hilarious violence.


The Owl House: Update

A while back I had given a grudging Cataline Recommends to the Disney Channel series, the Owl House. The reason was simple enough, it was a good for a couple of laughs per episode show. Not as good a Gravity Falls but it was in that vein. Although as a Christian, I found it disconcerting that the program insisted on referring to the creatures of that world as “demons.” If the creator had called them “monsters,” I wouldn’t have batted an eye.

My Recommends With Reservations, rating is now dropped to Does Not Recommend.

Reason: Luz (the protagonist) was originally shown to be an off beat and over the top fan of a series of Harry Potter-ish books called the Good Witch Azura. And her brief crush on Neverith the prince of Angst-more (yes, I laughed at the name), indicated she was straight. That isn’t good enough for today’s Woke-As-Fuck-No-Matter-What-Doomcock-Seems-To-Think Disney.

There was a female character named Amity, who was the standard high school pretty and popular-insecure-mean-girl trope. Then over the course of three episodes went from enemy to friend and then (gag) love interest for the suddenly bisexual (and 14 year old) Luz.

This show went from reasonably decent to awful almost over night because Woke. And it’s all because of Amity’s sudden girlish stuttering and blushing around Luz. The cringe is absoultely and utterly unwatchable. I literly can’t look at it because I roll my eyes every time it happens.

Free advice to all producers. Shippers are a disaster. If you listen to this tiny but loud and Woke segment you will kill your audience. If the guys who run Supernatural had listened to the shippers, a show with a fifteen year run would have ended after two because Dean had started fucking his own brother.

Cataline Does Not Recommend.


Look Out Brie!

I’ve shifted my opinion on the fate of Marvel. Long term it still looks bad but so long as Kevin Feige can protect it, it will keep publishing comics.

And the new face of Marvel is unquestionably Kamala Khan. Why? You ask in some confusion. Because her creator Sana Amanat is the one in charge at Marvel and Kamala is a perfect reflection of the audience she wants Marvel to have. I could tell that Amnet had taken over at Marvel Comics when she publicly stated she intends for “Marvel to become a life-style brand.”

That is the most Disney corporate culture statement imaginable. That is right out Mickey The Great And Terrible’s executives bible.

Given Brie’s “problematic fan response” and the fact that straight and white won’t cut it in 2020 Hollywood, I strongly suspect that Ms. Marvel will shortly be promoted to Captain.

That’s not just guess work. Disney is artificially boosting the hell out of Ms. Marvel’s numbers in the publishing world. There is nothing they can do about her comic book numbers since that works on bulk orders from the shops. Also, she’s one of the most repeatedaly canceled titles of all time. But it is is simple to push graphic novels on Scholastic books. Just put it on banner on the cover of the Scholastic flyer and parents will put you over the million sales mark everytime. And gaming the New York Times bestseller list is EASY if the NYT doesn’t want to look at what is getting artificially boosted (and they sure as hell don’t want to look in on publisher buy-backs for the Muslim superheroine with Popeye’s arms).

There is one problem with all this. Nobody likes the character except Sana Amanat.

Bottomline: Marvel will continue down the Woke rabbit hole, shedding fans and money like Joe Biden shedding healthy brain cells.


This thing.

I liked it.

Okay, I’m done here.

13 thoughts on “Blogs and Ends: Non-Labor Day Edition

  1. “Free advice to all producers. Shippers are a disaster. If you listen to this tiny but loud and Woke segment you will kill your audience.”
    Make no mistake about this. All shippers, every single one of them. If you give them so much as an inch, it will destroy your product.
    Most of you know the tv-series destroyed by these people (Korra, Voltron to name a few), but let me tell you another example: Bioware.
    I remember playing Balder’s Gate 2 and I remember the fact you could romance some of your party. It was a tiny part of the game.
    But I also remember the bitching the internet did about the fact tha a male lead had more choices as a female lead and all options were heterosexual. And Bioware caved.
    So in later games Bioware gave these people more and more leeway and it was never enough. Right up to the point they hired Hamburger Hepler for Dragon Age 2. A person who wrote some of the worst dialogues in the worst game Bioware ever made.
    And still it wasnt enough, right up to the point of Mass Effect Andromeda, where the story was shit and the combat was boring, but by god you could have a romance with gay and lesbian caracters and that was all that mattered.
    Listening to shippers is death.


  2. In that comic cover both women look pretty and even a little feminine. Is it possible Marvel is pulling back from the brink?

    Also that quip about Supernatural and Dean fucking his brother, was that a joke or did the shippers really want that?

    I enjoyed Supernatural, though once I fell behind for a few seasons getting back into it was impossible. They were too deep into their own mythology by then.


    1. “Is it possible Marvel is pulling back from the brink?”
      No, some people just draw a bit better than others; I wouldn’t hope too much from a “strong women always collaborate and like each other” comic.

      “Also that quip about Supernatural and Dean fucking his brother, was that a joke or did the shippers really want that?”
      Did you somehow miss all those jokes the show made about them being taken for a gay couple? The followers of “Wincest” are not very shy about this.


      1. I stopped watching after season 3. I dont remember many gay jokes, and I ever paid attention to the fandom of the show.


  3. Owl House: when will Disney give us the sex scene between underage lesbians we’ve all been waiting for? WHEN??? Oh, and apparently they’re still doing girly lesbian/manly lesbian pairings; how… quaint. And yes, the demon thing is revealing.

    Shippers: you can make good use of them to boost your viewership, but you have to be smart about it; show enough of the ship to entice them, but never actually give it to them (or give it only at the end). Modern Doctor Who, for example, had a strong female following in its first few years because you had “pretty boy Doctor with dark past brings nondescript human female with him”, but Love wasn’t often the focus; on the other hand, shipping destroyed what little value the CW superhero shows had, turning them into telenovelas with two or three bad action sequences per episode.

    Kamala: did they age her up? She looks a bit older on that cover. Aside from that, the only story I want to read with her is Kamala Khan, America Chavez and Riri Williams fighting to decide which of them is the fakest “everyday person” character Marvel has ever created.


    1. Well, Kamala and Riri were created as political characters (Ms. Marvel was as well, although they toned her down a few years after her introduction to something better… and then messed her up again). Kamala is a very corporate character (as in the defacto creative head of Marvel is getting royalties from her), designed to be muslim enough to get sympathy points, while also slagging off her conservative muslim parents. Riri is a typical poorly written Bendis Mary Sue, attempting to get by on pc points. America Chavez was created as an actual character, but got retconned into a political statement after being handed to another author. Amusingly, America’s creator recently put out an indie comic called All-America featuring a similarly themed hispanic heroine that parodies the dumb marvel tropes around America and similarly themed modern characters. It includes her punching out an etheric double of herself, so make of that what you will.


  4. The Japanese have known how to bring sexual minorities into a story and just have a character’s sexual orientation be something that’s in their background. America can’t do this because the LGBT faction is so politicized (and shippers have all but turned YA media into fetish/fap material,) that any story about a gay character becomes immediately focused on that character’s gayness. Promoting gayness takes priority over the narrative. Media becomes hypersexualized because people who are focused on that kind of thing will readily consume said media while ignoring any of its faults. It’s a cheap gimmick at this point masquerading as a civil rights movement. The result is: any media featuring a gay person is going to have a WOKE SHIT label attached to it regardless of the story’s quality. People in the future are going to avoid media featuring gays and minorities like the plague because the political left just can’t help turning any media they produce into a loudspeaker for their wretched politics.


    1. Yup. Look at Glee. A decent and (relatively) politically neutral first season becomes Woke Preaching after it gets an audience, with every other episode being about The Gay Kid and The Gay Kid’s Gay Problems, and like two or three other sets of characters being gay.


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