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Quite a few people wanted to know that if once Mulan is purchased on Disney Plus, it will be available on any other platform.

The answer is no. You will have to maintain a subscription to Disney Plus in order to access your copy of it.

I realize this seems more evil than stupid but trust me, this does indeed come from a place of stupidity. You have to remember it was originally announced as a rental and then became a purchase the next day after the internet blew up.

There was no planning involved in this hip-shoot decision. Disney Plus is in an uproar as the best of its senior executives have been fleeing the wounded Titanic that is Disney.

I suspect they will eventually offer it as an unlock on Hulu. Assuming that Disney can find anyone in their streaming subdivision whose head isn’t up his own ass.


The Death of B&N

Unless someone buys out Barnes and Noble, it will be dead before New Year’s Day.

More likely before then.

They aren’t stocking new magazines. The ones on the racks are three months old in three of the stores I’ve looked in. Their book inventory isn’t in much better shape. Normally there would be a back. to school push in August. But this year, there might not even be school in the fall, so I suppose some restraint was in order. However, what little Fourth of July stuff they bought is still on the shelves.

Barnes and Noble was in bad shape to start with, but COVID has poured gasoline on that fire.


Comics Versus Manga

The upcoming mortality of Barnes and Noble raises the question of what will come next for bricks and mortar stores?

The lions share of the Best Seller over the counter market will go to stores like Walmart.

However, there will be opportunities for more specialty markets. Don’t look for there to be Science Fiction bookstores, however. That market isn’t viable due to the failure of publishers to find anyone worth reading. It would belong strictly to the Woke market and that is not a market worth having.

Their disability checks only go so far.

Two markets that I see making a go of it are both youth related.

A bookshop for girls age 11 to 14 will tear it up. Zoomer girls in that age bracket READ. Medium and Wattpad get huge numbers of page-reads. One Direction During the Purge got the kind of read-throughs I can only dream of for The Great Divide Game.

But I think the kind of specialty bookstore that would really clean up is one dedicated to Manga.

Viz Media was as worried as any entertainment company back in March. They were making their end-of-the-world plans. Cut-backs, lay-offs, reductions. Who gets a pay-cut and has to go home.

And then they had to take on people.

Manga sales have been through the roof during the shut-down. Box sets have been some of Viz Entertainment’s biggest sellers. This strongly indicates that kids are actually binge-reading, which isn’t supposed to be possible for anyone under the age of fifty.

I had maintained that comics were dying because between the internet, streaming videos, making videos, and of course video games, kids had too many other distractions to take an interest in comic books. Consequently, comics chose to serve the existing and dwindling market of thirty-five-year-olds and up.

Turns out, it wasn’t that at all. It was just basic math. According to my own kids, with ten dollars they can buy two, 24 page American comic books or they can buy one, 208 page Manga book. Also, the comic book won’t be a complete story but the Manga book will.

Work it out Dad. Which one would you buy if you were their age?

Okay, I’m done here.

5 thoughts on “Blogs and Ends: Various Updates

  1. Comics suck. For kids who complain about how X or Y manga is super cringe or whatever, they haven’t tried delving into anything Marvel. Manga has something for everyone. It’s so varied that calling oneself a ‘manga fan’ is akin to saying ‘I like paintings’ whereas if a person declares themselves a comics fan, everyone knows they are talking about spergy gamma power fantasies.

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  2. For years now I have been harping on the same economic angle. If comics want to survive they need to go the graphic novel route. A high quality color book with 75 to a hundred pages at 12.99 can actually compete with manga. The 20 pages floppies just can’t.


  3. Been saying that off and on over at ON (and elsewhere) manga, and a sub-section of graphic novels then mimic them (Smile, Check, Please) are going through the roof. Because they’ve still got stories first. And the art serves the stories.

    But! And! Ten – Fifteen years ago that was true of teen fiction in general. As many adults as teens were reading it because it still had stories worth reading. Then it got converged as writers and editors who couldn’t make bank in the main fiction industries moved into YA lit. The upper ranges are solidly converged. Hence Wattpad et al..

    Manga still holds the line because Japan has its own issues outside of SJW control.


  4. About Mulan: damn, she looks utterly bored in that photo; it’s either that or “utterly bitchy” with female action stars nowadays.

    About comics: another problem they have is that the writing talent pool is just abysmal – particularly now that the industry is infested with SJWs who hate comic books, sure, but it has always been so. When Alan Moore, Frank Miller and Neil Gaiman are your best writers, you are in really deep shit.


  5. I think comics has two problems. The first is price. A generic book from Marvel or DC is 3.99 which is a lot for a comic book. You can go to Gamestop and get 4 used games right now for $20. That is potentially months of Entertainment. Comics can be made affordable for everyone, but they need to lower prices to attract new customers. The only time I know of that every comic shop is full and attracting potential new readers is Free Comic Book day. However, that is one day out of 365. Not good odds to grow your customer base.

    The second problem is with the righting. Very few truly great stories or story arcs come from writing from a woke perspective. The last true boom in comic book writing was between 2006 til 2010. Most of the stories were, if not conservative, than more traditional in their story arcs. After 2010, it seems as if every book tried to go woke. Most experienced a decline in sales and even those that have course corrected have not completely recovered. I think the key is more traditional story telling that must be maintained to make the comic books relevant.


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