Reading the Silmarillion

I gave reading it a shot in college. Past a certain point it became obvious that my desire for seconds on the Lord of the Rings was going to go unfulfilled and I gave up.

I don’t regret doing that because my mind wasn’t ready for it. I really didn’t know how to read it.

But now my mind appears to be ready and I am quite engrossed by it.

The belief that there can be no Truth found in myth is as it turns out comparatively recent. Tolkien created something that I found incomprehensibly boing in my sophomoric years but now, I am in awe of it.

Let me know in the comments if you would like me to write an essay on this topic when I have finished absorbing it.

14 thoughts on “Reading the Silmarillion

  1. I have always found your insights to be worthwhile and accessible, and the world is in sore need of reminders as to why Tolkien was revered as a Grandmaster of fiction.
    Whatever words you have to say about the subject would be most welcome.


  2. What is it about The Silmarillion that you find so interesting, compared to the other Tolkien novels?

    I never read The Silmarillion because I was a bit skeptical about something that Tolkien’s son and another author edited and completed. So I’m curious about your opinion of that book.


  3. Same here. I too tried picking this up in junior high after devouring The Hobbit and LOTR, and bounced right off of it. Would love to hear some additional thoughts!


  4. It works better if you consider a couple of novellas, wrapped in a Bullfinch’s Mythology. Took me 5-6 years to figure it out.

    I’d be interested in your musings. Usually get a thought or take I hadn’t considered.


  5. I would LOVE to hear your take on this. I’m pounding through this also. I’m enjoying it, but it’s like reading a historical doc so I have to stop reading the moment I find myself skimming.

    Silent Draco’s comment is a great way of tackling it. I’m going to start using that method.


  6. Same, same in college. Recently the wife got me a nice leather bound set of all three works. Guess it’s time to take another look at the Silmarillion. Would like to read your essay.


  7. Adding my vote in favor of an essay on the Silmarillion from you. I never regret reading your insights on all manner of subjects, from comics, to politics, to basic life lessons, and I never fail to learn something in the process.


  8. Go for it.

    I’ve been reading it and rereading since I was 14. I don’t get how people can find it difficult: it’s a bunch of sequential short stories and some novellas. Less than 300 pages if you don’t count the Second and Third Age stuff.


  9. When you’re done with the book, you should listen to Blind Guardian’s “Nightfall in Middle-Earth,” which is their musical treatment of the Silmarillion.


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