Burning Their Own Temples

They continue to burn their own phanes and temples and dance naked in the ruins, even though they really shouldn’t because SJWs do NOT look good that way. 

Not even a little bit.

No art survives contact with fourth-wave feminism.  Corrosive politics have to be injected into any work and it burns away any integrity that that creation had.  It also consumes any integrity the artist had.

Let me make it clear I am not referring to some disastrous interloper like Rian Roundhead or Ghostbusters 2015.*  But the deliberate degradation of a creator’s own work just to pander to feminist politics. 

A famous example being the destruction of Avatar: The Last Airbender’s canon by its own creators and the tearing down of their previous well-developed characters just to build up the incredibly obnoxious and one-dimensional Mary-Sue named, Korra. 

Avatar was a surprisingly well-developed animated series that managed to follow the Japanese storytelling tradition of Kishōtenketsu.** Or at least that’s what it appeared to be.  Possibly they were just so drenched in anime that they followed the structure without realizing it.  Given how badly they fucked up Korra, I am now inclined to think it was just an accident.

Over the weekend there was another example of this phenomena.  

Emily Cook runs Doctor Who magazine.  In an effort to reunite the fanbase (good luck there) she has been hosting watch-along parties on Twitter featuring some of the older episodes.  And it has to said, she has had some degree of success with it.  She managed to lure Russel T. Davies and Steven Moffat back to Twitter.

This last week she decided to do one of the best episodes of the Tennant era. A two-hour extended story titled Human Nature/Family of Blood.  It’s writer Paul Cornell was totally onboard with hosting it.  He seemed absolutely thrilled by the prospect of spending an evening reminiscing on Twitter with fans of his work

And when about half of these logged on, they were met with “You have been Blocked.”  They were the lucky ones.

For the benefit of those who don’t remember and those who never saw it in the first place, here is the ending to Family of Blood:

After the end of the livestream, Cornell treated the audience to a special epilogue that he had written for the occasion.  Jodie Whitaker’s Doctor released the girl as an act of castigation against her former MALE self. Because she is in all ways so much completely better than the Tennant era Doctor.  Cornell is totally onboard with the changes to canon that Chibnal has made and supports the BBC “bold reimagining” of the Doctor Who.

This howler-monkey’s fetid anus of a writer was clearly itching for the chance to prostitute himself out to the SJWs that run the BBC.  He was delighted to humiliate the fans that tried who didn’t agree with Woke politics and degrade his own work so that gamma-goblins that run the BBC would identify him as one of their own.

Believe or not this is all to the good.  It’s an exfoliation of dead skin.  The sooner they self-identify the sooner we can write them off as whores that will never be worth our time ever again.

Okay, I’m done here.

* Although, there was a little bit of that with the second one as Dan Aykroyd was totally onboard with the new iteration, until he suddenly wasn’t.

**In case you are at all interested in Kishōtenketsu it works like this.

  •  Introduction (ki): introducing characters, era, and other important information for understanding the setting of the story.
  • Development (shō): follows leads towards the twist in the story. Major changes do not occur.
  • Twist (ten): the story turns toward an unexpected development. This is the crux of the story, the yama (ヤマ) or climax. In case of several turns in the narrative, this is the biggest one.
  • Conclusion (ketsu), also called ochi (落ち) or ending, wraps up the story.

Let me know if you want me to do a post on this in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Burning Their Own Temples

  1. Yes! Please do a post on it!

    I live in Japan but rarely watch local tv because it’s SO boring… but I’ve come to find that some anime series (e.g. Doraemon, and One Piece) are actually MUCH better than I thought possible. And I miss well-written entertainment (Tennant’s Doctor being up near the top of the list).

    So, please… do a post on it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. And one would be remiss for not mentioning one of the earliest and biggest offenders: Stephen King. From rushing and ruining his own Dark Tower series halfway through, to enthusiastically supporting the worst of wokeness injected into the movie and series adaptations of his work, I regret ever cent I ever spent on his stuff.


  3. Finally convinced the Daughter Product to give One Piece a try since her favourites were on hiatus. Now she’s hooked. We’re watching episode 110 as I type.

    To Segius-san: Yes, please!


  4. That was a great episode. I remember Tennant was amazing, but it’s easy to forget just how amazing. Of course I’m biased because he was the Doctor that introduced me to Dr Who, but that’s okay with me. And of course the writer was a complete twit/cuck.

    I know I’m late, but I’m definitely excited to read about Eastern storytelling techniques.


    1. Almost forgot another early offender: Ursula Leguin and her feminist deconstruction and destruction of her own Earthsea world.

      Ironically and poetically proving the theme she sought to reject: women ruin magic. Because by infusing feminist ideology into her world, she drains out all the adventure and fun, and her women can only be great at the expense of trashing her male characters.


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