And Comics Are Now Over

I recently said that Diamond was lurching into motion in response to Covid-19.

But I wasn’t expecting this.

Diamond Comic Distributors has announced they are refusing to accept any new products from ANYONE.

Marvel, DC doesn’t matter they aren’t accepting anything. And they don’t keep a lot in their warehouses. They will probably be empty this week.

This is the end for the big two.

Which means I won’t be able to make fun of Snowflake and Safespace.

Ah. well.

2 thoughts on “And Comics Are Now Over

  1. Two points

    1) This is about an honorable death that comics could hope for. The big two needed to be mercy killed a long time ago.

    2) This could lead to some interesting discussion on just when the big two gave themselves the mortal wound that doomed the industry, at least for time being.


  2. The only comic I have followed for years is “Order of the Stick”, which is available online free,of charge, with supplemental books for side stories available for purchase, along with Christmas ornaments and calendars and such.

    Rich Burlew tells a good story.


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