The Mickey-pocolypse is Upon Us!

This is the worst case scenario for the House of Mouse. All of the parks are now closed. All of the cruise ships are beached. The tentpole movies (such as they are) are delayed. Onward is dead at the boxoffice since no one in their right mind is going to the movies for the next two months.

The only active revenue streams are ABC and their streaming services. Now that might be doing better than average due to the amount of kids stuck at home with parents for the next month or two. But the big picture for Disney is bad.

This plague arrived at the worst possible time for the company due to the massive over extension Iger made when he bought up Fox. Disney was stretched paper thin when this happened.

If they can’t reopen in April this could be it for Disney.

3 thoughts on “The Mickey-pocolypse is Upon Us!

  1. – Well, I think we can all say we hope the parks reopen by 4-8 June so as not to impact Gay Days.
    – And the irony is mind-bending that as Disney might actually need the cash enough to sell the rights to Song of the South, the Caucasian audience that was screaming for it is, shall we say, not so eager for African-American culture as days go by.
    — Related: may the Supreme Dark Lord capitalize on the gaping entertainment hole that is being dug. Can’t wait to see Rebel in Daisy Dukes shooting a Colt .45 unapologetically


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