Mayor Pete Is Out

Pete Buttigieg has decided he wants to spend more time with his….family. Consequently he will not be continuing his run for the presidency of the United States.

Nobody, I mean no-body drops out two days before Super Tuesday. It doesn’t matter how little money you have left. There is always a chance the election day miracle will occur. And if it does the money problem is immediately self correcting.

Besides with only two days before the election you can’t even get your name off the ballot in a lot of places.

So why quite now?

Because Little Pete has made a deal.

Normally dropping out for a promise of the VP slot wouldn’t be all that tempting but consider. Both of his potential buyers were recently arguing over how many heart attacks the other had had. Normally, VP is a sucky job where you call your boss every morning to find out if he’s feeling well. If the answer is yes, you say, “shit!” And hang up.

But in the case of being Biden and Bernie’s VP there is a pretty good chance that the Secret Service will be telling him one day that he has to get to the White House immediately and that the Chief Justice will be waiting for him.

So who did he make a deal with?

Honestly it comes down to who is he sucking the votes off of. *

I think the answer is Bernie. Take a look at Iowa, he actually beat Sanders there. He already has quite a few delegates he can commit.

We shall know shorty one way or another. Stay tuned.

*You all have filthy minds.

8 thoughts on “Mayor Pete Is Out

  1. Haha, adding Pete as VP adds nothing to the ticket. The VP slot is used to reassure the base (see Pence), or to draw in additional voters. But dropping out now means he is either really tight for cash, or – most likely – his handlers told him to back off with vague promises of a cushy bureaucratic job.


    1. Actually Buttt-thing as VP does a lot to reassure the base…if the candidate is Biden.

      Trump’s tweets indicate that his quitting now strongly benefit’s Creepy Joe. I’ll take Trumps word on this one.


      1. Plus it reassures the establishment. Obama was a lazy president who simply gave speeches when told to before filling out his Final Four bracket. The establishment pretty much ran everything. Biden isn’t going to know what day it is. Butt has no idea how Washington works. It’s a perfect duo.


      2. New wrinkle. Klobucher has bowed out as well. I appear to have been wrong. The Democratic Machine has decided to bulldoze Biden’s competition prior to the big even tomorrow.


  2. Yup, looks like it’s all-in to try and drag Sleepy Joe over the finish line and prevent The Bern. The real question is, what’s the best vote for chaos at this point? Pick Biden to guarantee that the Bernie bros will Bern down half of Milwaukee? Or pick the man himself so he’ll immolate and Bern down the entire Democratic party with him? I think the right answer is to vote for whoever’s behind, so as to guarantee that the superdelegates come into play on the second ballot. They’re sure to pick someone that will please nobody.


    1. They are already in chaos and desperate to push through the mentally deteriorating, lech Biden. Who stays in though and siphons off Biden’s votes? Only one choice there and that is Mini-Mike. He won’t want to give his votes to anyone. Keep him in the race and cities burn.


  3. “I appear to have been wrong.”

    Me too. A few months ago I commented on this blog that Biden could never get the nom in today’s Dem party because he’s a straight white male. Yet here we are, with it being a showdown between him and the white male Marxist.


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