Something Else Disney Gets Wrong

Star Wars fans used to be a lot more involved.

Now, I wasn’t that kind of fan. I am a LOT more casual but I get the sense of community it used to have until Dark Times.

But since Lucasfilm is now owned by Disney everything has to be a lot more “officially recognized.” Or you just aren’t properly recognized mindless cheerleaders I guess.

Putting your own stamp on stuff is not allowed at this point.

Click on the Star War tab on Disney Plus and you get the movies, The Mandalorian and a shitload of Lego shorts. There is more stuff available that they refuse to use.

Star Wars Detours has been finished, in the can and under wraps for years.

7 thoughts on “Something Else Disney Gets Wrong

  1. Lucasfilm under George was almost totally hands-off when it came to derivative works, which is another thing that people don’t give him credit for. He was smart enough to recognize such efforts for the free marketing that they are. I don’t recall ever hearing about an unauthorized Star Wars project receiving a cease-and-desist order until recently, and Lucas even gave his blessing to a few like the Robot Chicken and Family Guy episodes. Frankly, I wish that other companies (*cough NINTENDO *cough) would adopt the same enlightened attitude.

    The Devil Mouse keeps getting Congress to rewrite copyright law and sues day care centers for putting Mickey on the walls, so that was likely to end even if they didn’t burn bridges with the fans.


  2. Amidala’s greatest attribute was her midriff. She should NOT have even the slightest hint of a muffin top, as in the still for that first video. That’s an outrage.


  3. you know, i was still expecting the next movie to rack up a billion.

    but if Doomcock’s new leak is right, this thing might pull a Charlie’s Angels.

    they’re talking about an entire fleet of Star Destroyers … every one of which is outfitted with a Death Star cannon. but the big SD is susceptible to space horsey charges.

    they’re talking about Palpatine not being named Palpatine … and having lots of clones.


  4. The leaks make it sound like a parody of everything Disney has done wrong with Star Wars, cranked up to 11. Here’s hoping they’re true.


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