Why It Is Time to Stop Shopping at Walmart

Walmart has been a plague on this country for decades.

They muscled their way into towns that didn’t want them. Hell, we tried everything to avoid the one we’re stuck with. Passed new regulations which they got overturned. Created zoning ordinances that they avoided by stepping just outside town limits into a township that was too stupid and greedy to not understand what was in the apple the serpent was offering. In desperation a few brave but nameless souls tried seeding the property they’d bought with an endangered species of newt… That promptly ran off into the woods.

The Walmart ogre stomped into our town heedless of our efforts to stop it. All the while using a fake porcelain smile to assure us, “you can’t have a better neighbor.”

Actually we did have better neighbors. Neighbors that Walmart put of business and drove off. The small town retailers that had been in here for a hundred years and were genuinely invested in the community, were gone in a puff of cheap low quality plastic shit from China.

There are plenty of other examples. Dairy farmers are being put out of business by Walmart milk. The company runs mega-herds of Holsteins and sells their milk at a loss to get your dumb hick-ass in the back of the store where they keep it. Knowing full well you’ll pick up a couple of other things on your way out that will more than make up for the loss.

I used to be anti-union. I still have anti-union reflexes but I’m evolving on the issue of men that want to negotiate an honest wage for their labor. It’s the dishonest wages that still bug me but that sure as hell doesn’t apply to the peons that are driven under Walmart’s lash.

“Walmart keeps employees hours low enough, it can avoid paying them benefits. Meanwhile, the federal government —you, taxpayers — will subsidize their low wages with welfare benefits. In other words, ‘You are working, so the Walton family won’t have to pay their employees enough to live,’” -Tucker Carlson.

We all knew but we didn’t let ourselves gripe about it because we thought of Walmart as the Red State store. But now things have changed. The Red People Store has started lecturing it’s hick-ass customers about the need for Gun Control and will kick anybody out who open carries. This despite the fact that Walmart was actually kept safe from a mass shooting by armed customers. Not guards, Customers.

But not anymore. I will never put another penny in the Walton Family’s pockets again.

6 thoughts on “Why It Is Time to Stop Shopping at Walmart

  1. “I used to be anti-union.”

    I as well. I came to realize recently that my anti-union tendencies were bolstered because I was in two unions and all I saw were lazy-ass bums use the union system to do as little as possible without any pride in the work they do. Which is the antithesis of how I was brought up. However, as I get older I begin to see that unions may be necessary in some areas. I’m certainly not as hostile to them as a concept as I was.


  2. I don’t get corporations these days. I always thought the highest calling of a company and those who worked in it was to make money, hopefully in a way that’s both ethical and at least aspires to the “first, do no harm” maxim when considering the surrounding community. The only reason I can fathom for why a business would purposely antagonize half of its potential customer base like this is because they both feel like they’re too big to fail and because they fear that the consequences of NOT doing it are worse. Which is hilarious, because we all know that SJWs are generally slacktivists who rarely back up their Twitter screaming with action. Otherwise, “get woke go broke” wouldn’t be an ironclad law.

    This kind of thing is happening everywhere. People are only interested in targeting who they want to be associated with, and no one’s trying to appeal to everyone. Both Hillary and Romney essentially wrote off half of the country as beyond redemption and not worth reaching out to. Movie and video game studios seem to have collectively decided that hypothetical female and/or minority customers are worth more than existing male customers. How else do you explain traditionally male forms of entertainment prominently featuring and pushing female main characters? We’re all well aware of Star Wars and now Terminator, but female characters are also taking over all of the big war game franchises like Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Gears of War. War games are exactly as interesting to women as soap operas are to men, so again, the only explanation is that they fear the SJW backlash.

    I guess I knew it was over when Howard Schultz responded to a shareholder’s question by saying that it was more important for Starbucks to be woke than make money. In a sane world, the shareholders would have strung him up right then and there.


    1. “The only reason I can fathom for why a business would purposely antagonize half of its potential customer base like this is because they both feel like they’re too big to fail and because they fear that the consequences of NOT doing it are worse. ”

      As I said before, its’ “competitive wokeness.”

      In destroying their own wealth in the name of Wokeness the Walton family increases it’s status. Sort of like a tribe of headhunters in the jungle.


  3. Embrace the healing power of “and” because you can still loathe public employee unions! And Opt Out.

    Private sector unions are just inherently unstable: a two-legged stool. But they have their place.


  4. I grew up in a small town within the broadcast reach of Chicago TV and in 88 a friend excitedly told me a Walmart was coming to town and instinctively I knew it was over. Today it is another shithole suburb of Chicago full of the low expectation people.

    Ironically one of the nicer businesses that we loved to shop at was owned by a Jewish man who was a WWII refugee and his children, gone as is the WalMart “Made in the USA” signage, funny that.


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