An EV Truck?


Well here are the stats according to Rivian, the company that is building or rather claiming they will build this truck.

Range: 400+ miles

Zero to Sixty: 3 seconds

HP: 750

Towing Capacity: 11,000 lbs

Wading Depth: 3ft

Price: $69,000 before rebate

These are very impressive stats for a company that no one on Earth has ever heard of before. Which frankly is the real problem here.

A boutique manufacturer with a list of impressive stats usually means in the words of Jeremy Clarkson, “they were lying!”

However, Rivian seems to have gotten as far building both a prototype and a factory. So I’ll have to keep an eye on this one. Just because I’m middle-aged doesn’t mean I’m dinosaur. A mastodon maybe but not a dinosaur. I can see some advantages in an EV truck if the Great Gulp comes.

Modern engines, even diesels are basically hot house flowers. The fuel has to be very, very pure. That’s one of the things that has me rolling my eyes about the Walking Dead. It’s been seven years since the dead rose from their graves and not only have they not skeletonized yet but the survivors still have cars. The gas should have been unusable sludge years ago.

That’s why I want an old square body diesel. Those engines are a lot more forgiving…up to a point.

Given the amount of electricity I can independently generate at Fort Cataline, it would take about 20 hours to fully charge up an EV but that is a lot better than not being able to have horseless transportation at all.

Going back over the stats the biggest question mark is over “range under full load.” It’s the biggest reason Tesla hasn’t gotten into the pick-up business. Making the kind of EV that goes superfast is a much different engineering problem than building one that can haul cargo at great range.

However it’s worth keeping an eye on. I’ll let you know if anything interesting turns up.

3 thoughts on “An EV Truck?

  1. i don’t think WordPress lets me edit posts.

    and besides, i was explaining the reasons why i knew that was the wrongliest wrong that ever wronged. i was operating from the assumption that this was an actual Rivian claim and was outrageously deceptive advertising.

    i slapped an ArsTechnica article around about a year ago for stating that sea levels had risen ~10″ in the last 40 years. i was the first commentator in something like 50 replies to have even noticed the absurd assertion. so much for the ArsTech readership being better than your normal plebe.

    it’s kind of amazing what gets repeated in the mainstream news. Hyoid breaks being “evidence of suicide by hanging”, for instance. even wikipedia knows better than that:
    “Due to its position, the hyoid bone is not easily susceptible to fracture. In a suspected case of murder or physical abuse, a fractured hyoid strongly indicates throttling or strangulation in an adult.”


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