I was right all along…Game of Thrones was garbage.


I read Game of Thrones twenty years ago.  Long before there was even a hint of a series.  I took a stab at the next book and threw it across the room when I got to the Red Wedding.

I was absolutely done with a Song of Ice and Fire from that point on.  I never read another one of the novels and I refused to watch the series on general fucking principal. I canceled my subscription to HBO the same year they canceled both Rome and Deadwood, only to replace them with the craptastic True Blood.  I never looked back.

I had had friends tell me that I was making a mistake.  That Game of Thrones was brilliant and worth coming back for but clearly and obviously I was right all along.

So even Maisie Williams boyfriend had a better read on this show than the show runners.

And good news there!


Kray-Kray Kay-Kay has put them in charge of the next leg of Star Wars.

7 thoughts on “I was right all along…Game of Thrones was garbage.

  1. FWIW- I read the first book circa 2003 – and despite Bran getting crippled, the incest, and so on, plowed on. “It’s gritty” they tell me. “no-one is safe.”.

    By the time Ned got murdered at the end…. I finished the book, but never touched the second one.


    1. Honestly, Ned getting the chop was fine because you needed a gateway scene.

      The North was going to be at war with Kingslanding from that point on. There was no going back and no settling things amiably.

      That was fine.

      It was when we reached the Red Wedding that I realized I was reading a pornographic Lemony Snicket.


      1. I kinda get that, but on top of all the other abuse and depravity, and this was all well before I got even remotely red-pilled, it was too much for me to see what happened in the next book.

        Granted, part of that was also being familiar with a fair bit of his other work via the Aces universe, Sand Kings short story, and Tuff Voyaging. I could already tell it was just going to be dreary.


  2. Wow, that Maise Williams interview quote at the end really sums it up.

    Well, [the villain] couldn’t have been that bad when some 100-pound girl comes in and stabs him.’ You gotta make it cool. And then I told my boyfriend and he was like, ‘Mmm, should be Jon though really, shouldn’t it?’



  3. Their over protective mothers are proud of them so there is that. I don’t follow this stuff closely but when I skimmed thru it and got to their interview part and their girlish expressions I could have filled out their wiki bio pages just from experience.

    I watched the first two episodes and thought what a joke, “gritty” then they show little dude hanging out in whorehouses surrounded by 9s with fake tits, okay, so I skipped a few seasons and out of boredom and free HBO for a year I caught up, that ended and damn if I will pay $14 a month for what we all knew would happen.

    True Blood, gay porno, horrible just friggin horrible and let’s name the chick with that smelly vag after an Aerosmith song, good god.


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